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thinkgive-09   Many South Africans have the desire or wish to help the less fortunate but often simply don’t know how to go about it. Whether you’re interested in donating second-hand clothing, money, food or providing your valuable time to assist the needy, it’s often difficult to find an organization to donate to. Once you do find a worthy cause, the next stumbling block is often determining whether the organisation is reputable before parting with your hard-earned cash. Lastly, you’ll have to contact the organisation and arrange a time to drop of your donation or a period during which you can give of your time and skills.

However, there is a simple solution to all of these problems. A solution that means everyone has fewer excuses for not helping their fellow South Africans. That solution is ThinkGive South Africa. ThinkGive is a donation facilitation service run by ThinkQuote, and works by putting would-be philanthropists in touch with the organisations which so desperately require their help. ThinkGive uses ThinkQuote’s existing platform to provide this revolutionary, effective and highly efficient service. The only difference is that instead of putting service providers in touch with potential customers, ThinkGive puts non-profit and non-government organizations (NGO’s and NPO’s) in touch with potential donors. Setting up donation or just finding out more information about making one is a simple as filling in our online form and then sitting back while all of the arrangements are made. The form should take no more than five minutes to complete, and requires just a few clicks and keystrokes’ worth of information about your donation. ThinkQuote will then inform our charity partners about the donation that you hope to make, and send you the details of those who can put to use whatever you have to give. If more than one organisation is interested in your donation, you can choose which one to give it to.

Like all charities, the organisations who have partnered with ThinkQuote accept donations of food, money, time and skills, as well as new or used adults’ and children’s’ clothing, bedding, building materials, furniture, toys, appliances, electronics and any other useful or valuable items. The major difference with using ThinkGive is the range advantages it holds over traditional forms of donating.

  • ThinkGive means you will never have to search for a charity that truly needs your donation because the genius of ThinkQuote means they will find you. If you already know which of our listed charities you would prefer donate to, you can simply indicate this when filling in the form.


  • Using ThinkGive also means you can be certain your donation will go to those who really need it. All of the charities listed are reputable organisations which make major differences in the lives of South Africans every day.


  • If you have difficulty delivering your donation to the charity’s offices, you can simply indicate that you need the items collected when filling in the online form as many of the charities are able to collect themselves.

Whether your donation is large or small, ThinkGive allows you to get it to those who need it most without moving from your computer screen.

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