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Paying for security systems and upgrades at your home or business premises can often feel like a grudge purchase. Much like short term insurance; it’s something that we don’t want to buy but something that we know we need to. Regardless of which upgrade you’re paying for, the security systems can often seem like they’ll only ever be of use if you become a victim of crime.

However, the reality is that all South Africans need to take safety precautions regardless of where we live or work and that the vast majority of these safety products also provide a range of added benefits. Luckily we have the right security system installers for you!

As far as the safety and security of your property is concerned, and like so many other aspects of daily life, it’s better to err on the side of caution.
That’s why, for true safety and security, physical barriers and other safety measures such as alarms are equally important. CCTV has also become increasingly popular so we have a wide variety of CCTV installation options available for hire. Security gates and burglar bars do not only prevent would-be burglars and criminals from entering your home, but they also act as a deterrent. It’s a well known cliché that the best weapon is one you don’t ever have to use, and these physical deterrents act in the same way by sending criminals a clear message. Metal gates and bars let burglars know you have taken security measures at your property and that attempting a break in would be more trouble than it’s worth, thereby stopping the crime before it begins. Electric fencing and non-electrical fencing are other examples of physical deterrents that are proven to prevent crime.

Fencing stops potential criminals from even coming close enough to enter your home. But if for some reason they are undeterred by these barriers and still attempt to break in, fencing will impede them for long enough to allow you to call the police or your private security service providers. Installing an alarm system is the next step to ensuring your home or business premises are as safe and secure as possible. If your property is in a remote location or left unattended for hours at a time, the most resourceful criminals may still be able to bypass the physical barriers to gain entry.

Burglars are known to use bolt cutters, crowbars, car jacks and even power tools to force their way into unattended buildings when there is no one around to see or hear.
But with back to base alarm system installed, your security service provider will be notified as soon as one of the secured windows or doors is opened. This category of alarm system can be either silent or come with a siren, but also uses the phone line at your premises to notify the security company. Motion sensors are another common element in most alarm systems these days, and alarm installation both inside and outside your property to detect unwelcome visitors and trigger the alarm.

Most installers will also fit a small, bright light at the entrance to your property which glows when the alarm is activated to inform the owner as well as potential criminals. All of these security features will usually be taken into account by insurance companies and will likely lower the cost of your monthly premiums.

If you’re interested in enquiring about the cost of any of these features, then ThinkQuote can assist by making quotes come to you. Simply fill in our quick and easy online form, listing some basic details about the products you’re interested in, and as many as three service providers will contact you to provide a quote.

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