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No five words can test a friendship like the seemingly harmless yet widely feared phrase “will you help me move?”

If you’ve helped a friend or family member relocate or had to perform your own furniture removals, you’ll understand exactly how laborious, tiresome and time-consuming it can be. First boxing the entire contents of a house, then stuffing those boxes onto or into a vehicle, then driving multiple trips between the two locations and lastly unloading and unpacking those boxes.

Moving is a task we would all rather avoid and a favour no one enjoys asking of a friend, but something most of us will have to do at least once in our lives. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, moving to a new home can also present another problem; an excess of furniture or belongings which simply do not fit in your new residence.

Most of us will attempt to solve the problem by once again calling in a favour and asking a friend or relative to store your surplus stuff and many will simply resort to selling their favourite couch or the hi-tech appliance that just doesn’t fit in the new kitchen.

However, there’s no need to put strain your back lifting that couch or put strain your relationships by asking an acquaintance to do so.

The solution that keeps everyone happy (and free of back injury) is to simply hire a South African storage and removals service provider.

If you’re moving from one suburb to another within the same town, city or region, then local removers will be able to assist you.

If you’re relocating from one region or city to another, then you would need to hire national removers to carry out the task.

While you’ll still be responsible for boxing up your possessions, the removal company will ensure that your boxes, furniture and other belongings are safely and securely packed into their vehicles for transport.

Many service providers have both enclosed and open vehicles, and will either allow you to choose or use whichever is best for the items which need to be transported.

Once they arrive at your new home, the removers will not simply dump your property on the front lawn but safely unload everything and carefully position it inside your home, ready for you to unpack and organise.

Several South African firms also offer storage and self storage services to their clients in addition to furniture removals.

So, instead of gathering dust in a friend’s garage, your belongings can be stored securely. Both indoor and outdoor, large and small spaces are available for either short-term or indefinite rental.

These invaluable services mean that the most difficult part of your move will be notifying your bank, the post office and any newspapers or magazines you subscribe to of your new address.

If you’re moving locally or relocating to another part of South Africa and would like find out the cost of hiring professionals then ThinkQuote can assist you.

To have up to three quotes from the best service providers around sent directly to you, simply complete the quick and easy online form by listing some basic details about your move.

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