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It’s a blistering hot summer day, the sweat beads off your forehead and the friends and family are gathered around for a lazy lunch.

It couldn’t be a better day in suburbia, except for the endless heat. There’s only one true solution – jump in that ice-cold pool water! And as soon as you do, there is instant refreshment like no other as you swim to the other side. A well designed, installed pool made from quality materials are a major addition to any home or holiday accommodation, adding immense value to the property while offering years and years of enjoyment.

Above ground pools have a number of advantages over in ground pools: They are less expensive to buy and install than inground pools. Above ground pools are portable. Some above ground pools can be self-installed. Maintenance costs are generally lower.

But when it comes to pools, there are several factors to consider given the actual function of the installation; the collection and purification of water for recreation purposes. Pools need to be well maintained, and importantly, built with the long term in mind. Ensure that you speak to, and eventually hire, only the best contractor who had experience in water features and pools.

In this article we will take a quick look at different aspects of creating, installing and maintaining a pool. We will also cover basic pool repair, and most importantly, safety!

Balustrade Glass or Framed
Add more than a touch of elegance to your pool with glass balustrade! Simple, styled, sophisticated and tasteful – a glass balustrade fencing not only adds a layer of safety by separating the pool and surrounding area, keeping young children and pets at bay.

Glass balustrade fencing is not the best job for a Do-It-Yourself project, and we recommend sourcing quotes from contractors to ensure a job well done.

Environmental Pools

As green living becomes increasingly popular, environmental pool installations have been on the increase. Using natural water flow, responsibility sourced material such as stones, bricks, and gravel, specialised contractors are able to create true showpieces for a home. Environmental pools are fit nicely with the aesthetics of a humble, rustic home, or even a countryside lodge.

As with most, if not all, in ground pools the process has several stages. Firstly, conceptualisation takes place. This entails solidifying the idea of what your pool will look like, secondly the layout and excavation of earth is carried out, and then the installation of plumbing, steel, and electrical mechanisms. Lastly, a thorough inspection will take place.

Pool Cleaning Services & Maintenance

While a homeowner or handyman can carry out pool cleaning and basic pool repairs/pool renovations, one definitely requires the services of a pool cleaning company from time to time. Over months and years, significant – and often unseen – build up takes place.

This is were professionals come into play; they will be able to recommend the correct chemicals and/or salts, machines and other pool cleaning material and devices. Make sure that you speak to as many different contractors as you want, sourcing as many quotes as you want, so that you feel you’ve getting the right man or woman for the job.

Remember, a pool is only as good as it’s cleaning material; no one wants to take a dip in a murky pond!

Pool Fencing

As mentioned in our introduction, safety is paramount when it comes to pools and water features. Without a doubt, one should factor in the cost and timing of installing adequate pool fencing to ensure total safety. Even if one does not own pets or raise children, it’s important to ensure that guests will be at ease knowing their children are safe from any harmful accidents.

Pool Landscape & Design
A pool does not have to be limited to a square, circle, or the obvious rectangle! If you’re feeling adventurous or have an eccentric side with the budget and time to boot, chat to a skilled contractor who will be able to assist in customising a pool to suit your needs. This can be anything from unusual shapes to multiple layers; the possibilities are endless!

In addition, nothing comes across as more pleasing on the eyes than a matching landscape which pairs with the aesthetics of the pool. Chat to your contractor about what would fit, be it natural reeds, humble gravel or slick, chic designs and installations. While it might come across as pricey to some, it definitely adds a layer of enjoyment and value to your property.

Pool Pumps (New Installation)

A pool pump, which regulates the flow of water ensuring it is both clean and moving, is crucial to any pool. Take some time to discuss which pool pump would be the best literal fit for your ideal pool.

Pool Renovations & Repairs
Like most things in life, pools do suffer from occasional wear and tear. If you’ve noticed something serious, hire a contractor as soon as possible! The last thing you want is for major leaks or damage to occur – the costs will quickly stack up!

Pool Safety Nets & Covers

Again, never underestimate the importance of pool safety! A safety net, or ideally a pool cover, is essential! Without a doubt, get a quote and get the installation done – you’ll soon feel more comfortable knowing the risk of accidents has dropped significantly.

Salt Water Pools
Salt water pools are becoming the go-to option for health and enjoyment factors. Using significant amount of salt, one can take a dip in delightfully clean and pleasing pools which won’t include any irritating chemicals and solvents.

Spa Installation

The sign of true indulgence and relaxation! If possible in terms of property and budget and desire, consider having a spa installed. From small to massive, they offer a lovely form of escaping the hustle and bustle of life.

Spa Cleaning & Maintenance

As with pools, spas do require cleaning and maintenance. If you’re not feeling up to the task, get in touch with one of the many skilled pools cleaners and spa cleaners on offer and you’ll soon be leaning back and taking some time to yourself.

Get Ready for a Splash!

Now that you know what installing and owning a pool entails, it’s time to get on those shorts and get ready for summer!

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