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A great paving job can often be the difference between a shoddy looking exterior and a finely done, quality garden, courtyard, or entrance or driveway.Whether it’s for your home, office or factory, paving is an essential part of the overall property and building.

Paving, no matter the material, can be used for anything car parks to adding a certain charm to your garden. Because of this highly varied nature, it’s important to ensure that not only does your hired contractor have experience in the field, but that you’re also aware of what the job entails in terms of material, scope, timing, and cost. As mentioned, paving takes many forms, and in this article we will break down some of the aspects so that you have a clear idea of what to ask, and expect, when hiring a contractor.

We will focus on forms of paving that are often found at a residential dwelling which most pavers in South Africa, and will cover both dry and waterproofed paving.

Drive Way Paving

We all know that first impressions last a lifetime, so it’s essential that your home make the best one possible. Create a lasting impression on your guests, whether friends or family, by having a skilled contractor create an appealing driveway using quality material, be it the many variations of brick or stone or more. A driveway should also pair well with the already existing aesthetic of your home, as it adds a certain tone and ties the residence together. That said; never forget that a driveway is chiefly a functional addition to a home. It should add value, be of a sturdy quality, and be able to withstand the harsh elements and your general climate.

Garden Paving

Garden paving contractors can install a range of options from the humble stone walkway that serves its function in a modest, rustic or even rural manner to brick paving which is both functional and pleasing to the eye. It allows one to walk through the much-loved garden, admiring the simple beauty. Alternatively, a garden walkway can have all the bells and whistles, from lighting to complex designs. And, of course, there are limitless options in-between.

Your choice of paving will rely on several factors as is the norm in building and installations. Speak to your contractor of choice as to which material and design would best fit within your budget and needs. At the end of the day, garden paving adds a warm charm to a home; providing owners, friends, family and other visitors an opportunity to explore the natural property. In addition, garden paving offers a lovely pathway between the main residence and extra features such as patios or pools.


Pathway paving is arguably the most common form of paving, be it connecting adjoining property or just forming part of one’s home; connecting pools, patios, gardens, driveways, play areas, and more. Paving a pathway is a relatively short task, taking a day or three to complete if done correctly.

We recommend asking your contractor or landscaping consult to assist; suggesting which designs, materials, layout, and other factors should play a role. Remember, you will want to ensure optimal structural integrity and aesthetics for the long-term future.

Patio Paving

Patios are an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a home, or even a ground floor apartment. They are the perfect break, and allow for lazy lunches with family or sundowners with friends, or anything in between! They are increasingly becoming a popular spot for homeowners to entertain guests, enjoy quality family time and watch the children enjoy their backyard games and toys.

As such, many contractors are skilled in patio paving, making it even easier to hire the right person to get the job done first time around. The material you choose as your patio flooring will depend on what type of look and feel you would like to bring across. Most homeowners choose a flooring materials which they already have featured somewhere throughout their property so as to add a certain décor factor. This often takes the form of, but is not limited to brick or flagstone. Other types of patio paving material include stone bricks, concrete, tiling, and precast concrete.

Pool Paving

Pools come in all shapes and sizes, and require unique solutions based on every job. Because South Africa’s temperate climate is conducive to outdoor living, and as such pool paving is both a popular form of paving, and luckily allows for one to pick from a wide range of contractors. With a well designed pool and adjoining paving, you will be able to add a pleasing aesthetic to your garden or indoor pool, provide much-needed safety, and even allow for extra space for other outdoor activities.

It’s important to note that pool paving should be particularly resistant to water damage given its very nature. Ensure that your contractor is experienced in pool paving and, if needed, ask for references.

Where to From Here?

Now that you have a relatively clear understanding of paving (be it pool, patio, or driveway), you should be better equipped to choose the right contractor for the job. Remember, you are entitled and should ask as many questions as possible, and even get a second or third opinion.

Your paving should last years, so make sure the job is done correctly and to your liking. That said, even the very best paving requires occasional maintenance or even repair if your climate suffers from severe changes in temperature, humidity, and rainfall.

Overall, your paving should – and if correctly designed and created – should add a pleasing aesthetic to your home. Whether it be rural and rustic to slick and ultra modern homes, the right paving makes all the difference.

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