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Garden Services: the key to curb appeal

It’s a well known fact that the first impression you receive tends to be the one that lasts, and the same can be said about a first encounter with any property. If at first glance your house or office appears unkempt and untidy, anyone who enters is unlikely to be impressed by rest of it. For most buildings and almost all homes, this first view will often be filled exclusively by the garden.

It’s your home’s first point of contact with the rest of the world; the first thing someone sees when they enter your property. Like it or not, the quality of your landscaping services is a major factor in determining the curb appeal of any building and it greatly affects the value of any property currently on the market. However, for those not gifted with green fingers, there is a simple solution to ensuring your property’s curb appeal stays high.

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Landscaping and garden services have become increasingly affordable and offer a wide range of services to keep your garden green and flourishing.

  • Apart from keeping your trees, shrubs and grass trimmed, service providers also take on large projects such as irrigation system installation. These automated systems ensure that your garden is watered at the correct time and that no water is wasted, saving you time and money and keeping your plants green. Irrigation systems can be designed to fit any size or shape garden, and tailored to meet almost any budget.
  • The most accomplished service providers will also offer complete landscape design and implementation, to completely overhaul any garden. A complete redesign such as this offers you the opportunity to have a garden that perfectly meets your specifications, instead of having to plan a new and improved garden with the existing trees or geographical features taken into account. This also allows you to design a garden which compliments your home and the surrounding area.
  • Another major positive of having any property landscaped, and one that is particularly pertinent in South Africa, is that it allows you to create a sustainable garden. Landscapers will be able to design and build a garden which features only indigenous plants, isn’t a drain on the area’s already-constrained water supply and doesn’t require vast amounts of fertilizer or compost to stay green and healthy.
  • Though it’s uncommon to find them in the front of a property, garden features can also help to beautify your home. Features such as statues, fountains, paths or even a gazebo can become a focal point for your garden, attracting and redirecting attention as desired. Fire features are one of the most popular additions to any garden as they also act as a gathering point; providing warmth when entertaining guests.

If you’re interested in sourcing a landscaping or gardening service provider to completely overhaul your garden or just keep it clean and green, then ThinkQuote can assist you. Simply complete our quick and easy online form, listing some details about the work you require, and soon enough quotes will be coming to you.

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