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Kitchen Services: Specialists to Ease Your Renovation

Whether in South Africa or any other part of the globe, it’s safe to say that the kitchen is usually the hardest working room in any home.

Apart from the obvious uses such as cooking, eating and cleaning, many people also use their kitchens to entertain guests, as a gathering space and often as a makeshift study or office. As such, people everywhere spend a vast amount of time and money making their kitchens as comfortable, functional and attractive as possible.

However, all of these reasons can also cause a kitchen design or redesign to become daunting to even the most talented, knowledgeable and resourceful homeowner. And with an increasingly vast number of options available, deciding on the layout, style or theme and materials to be used isn’t getting any easier.

That’s why, when embarking on a renovation or building a new kitchen from scratch, its best to plan precisely and follow these simple rules.


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Seek out kitchen specialists

Selecting a quality kitchen specialist to use could be considered the most important decision when planning to refurbish a kitchen.

Even the smallest renovation on the most modest kitchen is likely to involve a plumber, electrician and carpenter or cabinet maker.

That’s why it’s best to hire one kitchen service provider who can handle all the aspects of the job. Employing a company that specialises in kitchens also provides you with someone who can assist with decision-making and should be knowledgeable about all the latest techniques and materials available.


There is no such thing as a perfect layout because all homes and kitchens are different shapes and sizes and because all homeowners have different needs.

However, there is one golden rule when deciding on where the different elements of the room should be.

Whether your kitchen us U-shaped, L-shaped or square, make sure that your sink, stove top and fridge are a maximum of two metres away from one another in a triangular shape. This will ensure your kitchen is as convenient as it is stylish.

More is more

While a cluttered kitchen is never desirable, it’s safe to say to say there’s no such thing as too much storage space.

Many people often fail to include enough cabinets when planning their new kitchens and end up storing cookware and appliances elsewhere or on countertops.

This is one instance where erring on the side of caution means doing more than you initially think is necessary.

Express yourself

While even the most classic trends will come and go, and the range of kitchen services and products will continue to grow, personal taste is much slower to change.

Remember to always make decisions on what you enjoy and require and not get lost in what is fashionable. A kitchen, like all rooms, should be representative of those who use it.

Try to ensure you leave enough space to move around, the floors themselves can in fact be a feature. This is something a flooring specialist could assist with.

ThinkQuote can help in this regard, we connect people with quality contractors, making it easy to get a couple of quotes, choose the best and get your projects complete with some much needed assistance.

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