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It is said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to decor this does not always ring true.

While there is a market for anything from themed homes to blue-sky-thinking offices, there are also many tried-and-tested types of interior design. This can range from soft white for corporate environments to inviting colours of a child’s playroom.

It is important to consider the use of the room or building, and begin the process with that idea in mind. If you’re feeling a bit intimidated, it might be a good idea to make use of a contractor who will be able to advise on designs, fabrics, furniture, wallpaper and most, if not all, other aspects of interior design.

Designing an interior can be a short process depending on the requirements; a small office or humble abode can be completed in a short space of time while bigger, grander rooms will require more consideration, planning, and actual hands-on work.

Let’s take a minute to look at the very basics of interior design. Remember to consider these fundamentals before tackling your designs. And don’t forget – this is a fun job – you’re about to see your dreams come alive be it a fully professional office or the home you’ve always wanted.

Complete Design Services
Those offering complete design services will be able to aid you completely in your effort to create the perfectly styled room or even building. From conceptualising to implementing, these services are your one-stop solution.
A good rule of thumb is to request a portfolio. That way, you’ll know exactly what level of quality, cost, and timing you should expect.

Interior Decorating Fabrics
The options for interior fabrics are endless, and the same applies to their uses. Whether it’s leather or skins, velvet or cotton, you’ll find something for any environment.

Because of this, it’s important to start off with a basic idea in mind. Once you have this vision, you can begin to shop around. Be sure to consider your budget from the get-go, and understand just how much fabric, and of what types, you will require.

We suggest getting as many quotes as needed to make sure you will be happy with the product and service. Remember, your possibilities are near endless!

Interior Decorating Furnishing
What good is a beautiful decorated interior that is bare? the correct furnisher, and furnishings, are what truly bring a space alive – tying the room together and creating a clear theme. When it comes to decorating South African interiors with furnishing, it’s always a good idea to look into hiring a contractor, or ideally a complete design service, who should be able to guide you based on your initial thinking. These contractors will also most likely have longstanding relationships with suppliers, meaning you are likely to get great rates. As with many jobs related to building and furnishing, it’s vital to ask for referrals and ideally a portfolio. Given the many contractors who specialise in interior design and decor, it should not be hard to source the person you feel is best suited to your particular job.

Interior Decorating Renovation
Unfortunately not even the most strikingly beautiful interior will last forever. Whether it is general wear and tear or specific damage (this could include water, fire or many forms of accidental damage such as severe spillage), there will always be the need for renovation. This can also very well include your desire to re-do your designs, giving the room a fresh coat of paint so to speak.

A good rule is to always use the best contractor, quality material, and correct installation as this will minimise the need for renovations. However, when things go wrong it’s time to call in a professional who has valuable experience in renovating a room.

Interior Decorating Wallpapers

Wallpaper makes all the difference when it comes to interiors. Whether it’s a baby boy’s room or an office interior, wallpaper sets the correct mood and creates the right environment and ambiance.

As with most aspects of interior decorating services, the possibilities are again endless. From vivid colours to intricate patterns, there are options for any requirements.

While some rooms and environments can be conceptualised and followed through without assistance, there is without a doubt a point at which one requires the services of a professional contractor.

Before hiring, take some time to peruse interior design magazines and websites to get a basic idea of what you would like to see completed. This can range from basic designs to specific requirements depending on the size, layout and furnishings of the room, house, or office.

Lighting Consultants

The use of incorrect lighting can seriously change the function and practicality of an area. Whether it is a lounge or factory floor, the right lighting is critical.

For example, in a home environment it is important to project and enjoy a comforting, soft atmosphere which allows for an inviting ambiance. The use of stark, glaring and imposing lights would alienate visitors and create an unpleasant living space for you and others.

On the other end of the spectrum; factories, office blocks, schools, outside venues and other buildings all require a serious form of lighting which will ensure optimum output. These lights can range from a size sufficient to lighting an office to huge lights for illuminating sports fields.
This should reinforce the importance of hiring a consultant who will be able to provide knowledgeable and useful advice to solve your problem. Your lighting consultant should also be able to design, source and oversee the installation of your lighting requirements.

The Next Steps

A basic understanding of interior design and decorations means that you can now take the next few steps of creating a list of what you would like completed, be it from scratch, repairs or refurbishing.

Remember – let your imagination run wild!

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