Inspections and Certificates

Inspections, evaluations and certificates

For many property owners around South Africa, certificates of compliance have become a completely standard requirement.

They’re often needed for insurance claims relating to damage at the property, or for anyone attempting to sell and transfer ownership of any building.

For example; if an electrical fire is the cause of an insurance claim, not being able to provide an electrical certificate of compliance could lead your insurer refusing to settle your claim. And the same goes for a water leak and a plumbing certificate of compliance.

In the event of residential, commercial or industrial building being sold, the seller will often have to provide the local government with electrical, plumbing, entomologist and gas certificates in order for the property to be transferred to the name of the buyer.

Each of these certificates of compliance can only be issued by a trained professional in the field in question (who may or may not have to belong to trade guild or association) after an inspection of the property has been completed.


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Each also has its own specific reasons for existing, and a full range of requirements which need to met in order for the certificate to be issued.

  • In order for an electrical certificate of compliance to be issued a registered electrician has to conduct an inspection of every installation in the building, including wiring, plugs, switches, lights and distribution boards. The electrician will also perform several different tests, and the certificate will be issued if everything is found to be up to standard. If the building does not pass the tests and inspection, no certificate can be issued until repairs have been carried out. The certificate will remain valid for two years unless any alterations or additions are done at the property.
  • Plumbing certificates can only be issued by a member of the Institute of Plumbing South Africa if the property in questions meets four basic requirements. The plumbing installations must conform to national building regulations, the water metre must be functioning and registered, there should be no leaks which cause water wastage and no rain water should leak into the sewerage system.
  • Entomologist certificates are also known as beetle or pest certificates and can only be issued by an entomologist registered with the South African Pest Control Association. These certificates will only be issued if the property is found to be free of wood destroying insects, and are valid for three months.
  • A property with a fitted gas appliance, such as a stove, fireplace or geyser, will also need to be inspected by a technician registered with the Liquified Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa. The country’s current laws don’t specify a validity period for gas certificates but it is suggested that a new one is obtained before the sale of any property.

Although these certificates need to be supplied to the local government by the seller of the property, legislation does not prevent the purchaser from carrying the cost.

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