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We often take glass for granted when considering the materials used to construct our homes and offices. Amongst the bricks and cement, tiles and grout, wood and metal, and the host of synthetic materials used to create the edifices in which we live and work, glass is often the unsung hero.

But once you stop to consider the use of glass services in creating a house, apartment, office or retail space that is comfortable, inviting, functional and aesthetically pleasing, you quickly realise the importance of this age-old material. Without glass for windows, our buildings would be so dark and drafty they would feel subterranean. Without glass, mirrors would no longer be affordable or effective as decorative or functional pieces.

And without glass, the simple pleasure of taking in the view through a glass sliding door or basking in the natural warmth streaming through its panes would be unfamiliar to us all.However, the usefulness and beauty of glass stretches well beyond just windows, doors and mirrors. Manufactures and installers offer a range of glass products and glass services which make homes more habitable and work spaces more conducive to productivity.While all service providers will offer glass repair and replacement, many will also offer a wide range of stunning, practical and innovative installations for every category of formal structure found in South Africa.

Glass balustrades are the perfect solution when you refuse to compromise on either safety or style. There is no need to obstruct the view from your balcony with clunky railings or a solid wall when clear, reinforced glass can be used instead. And whether you prefer frameless or semi-framed, sandblasted or clear, glass balustrades add a touch of sophistication to any staircase or raised walkway.

If your goal is to completely transform a set of stairs into something more than just a row of steps, then a glass staircase is the ultimate way to do so. Glass steps and balustrading allow light radiate through and into surrounding areas; resulting spaces which seem larger and more pleasant. Glass splashbacks are yet another example of how this versatile material can be used to ensure neither form nor function is sacrificed in any building. As a perfect alternative to tiles, wallpaper or a lick of paint, a coloured glass splashback can become the focal point of a kitchen. The added benefit: glass will never peel and is easier to clean so much more hygienic. Glass whiteboards are another instance where this compound has been applied simply and innovatively to solve a complex problem. Also known as marker boards, glass whiteboards out-perform dry erase boards made of other materials because they never stain, are easy to clean and will never wear out – making them the perfect installation for any boardroom or meeting space. Double glazing is an excellent way to add value to your home or office and simultaneously cut down on future costs. Double glazed windows halve the amount of heat lost through standard window panes; lowering the cost of heating any space and saving money.

If you’re in need of a service provider to install or repair any glass related products at your home or workplace, then Thinkquote can help. Simply complete a quick and easy online form , listing some details about the work you require and soon enough quotes will be coming to you.

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