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The floors of your home or workplace may never need to be clean enough to eat off of, but they will need to meet some exacting standards nonetheless.

Floor surfaces not only play a important role in the overall look of any room, but they also greatly affect how we move around and can often dictate what we can and cannot position on top of them.



That’s why, when considering flooring solutions, its best to take time to think about the specific needs any space you plan to resurface. In our homes, comfort and aesthetics are often the priorities when selecting a surface. However, the best solution for your bedroom may not be the best for you kitchen. In a retail space, a durable, easy-to-clean surface is often sought after.

But discerning customers may not be content to tread on any old tiles if the appearance of your floor doesn’t also make a statement about your products and services. In an office space, high foot traffic, visiting clients and a desire to keep employees as happy as possible often mean that comfort, appearance, durability and ease of cleaning are equally important.While for an outdoor area, be it residential, industrial or commercial, a surface which can withstand the elements but still offer firm footing when wet is what’s desired.

Nevertheless, these goals cannot be achieved at the expense of the other factors already mentioned. While every area, room or space will have different requirements, there is one factor that they all have in common: any resurfacing needs to be completed at an affordable price.

  • Laminate Flooring is one of the cost-effecting, stylish, durable and hygienic flooring solutions for any indoor area, whether residential or commercial. This product is made by fusing together several layers of synthetic or organic materials, including a printed surface layer and clear top coat, to produce puzzle-like tiles. These tiles are then applied to the subfloor and, depending on the selected print and pattern, can be indiscernible from the hardwood or stone surfaces they mimic.
  • If cost is less of an issue and you accept nothing but the real thing, then hardwood flooring is the answer. Boards of real, milled timber are used and several different varieties of wood are available, including African Mahogany, Ash, Beach and American Walnut. Though every wood will differ in terms of colour, grain and physical characteristics, hard wood floors are highly sought-after because of their beauty, durability and tendency to retain warmth better than many other surfaces. Unlike laminates, wooden floors can also be sanded down and re-varnished when the surface eventually starts to dull.
  • Natural Stone is one of the few flooring materials which can often tick all the boxes with regards to the needs of an outside area. Whether used in the form of tiles or slabs, natural stone is resilient and rustic and also perfect for flooring areas which lead outdoors or are semi-exposed, such as braai rooms or entertainment areas. Another benefit of using natural stone is the variety available, with marble, granite, sandstone, slate, terracotta and other options offered.

Whether you prefer your floors covered in vinyl, epoxy paint or the finest carpet, it’s important to select the correct flooring specialists to carry out whatever work you desire. When you’re ready to speak to a service provider, ThinkQuote can assist by making quotes come to you. Simply complete the quick and easy online form, listing some details about the work you require, and you’ll be on the road to flawless floors.

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