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While most of us can safely rewire a plug, we can all agree that the majority of electrical services are best left to the professionals. Though electricity is essential and almost completely benign, it can become dangerous when someone untrained or inexperienced attempts an installation or repair beyond their ability level. elecguy


The risk of injury is always very real in situations such as these and the risk of doing damage (or further damage) to electrical appliances or infrastructure is just as great. That’s why there’s no shame in hiring an expert when you have even the smallest electrical fault or when an installation needs to be completed at your home or workplace.

If left unchecked electrical faults can cause ongoing problems, damage your appliances, increase the chance of electrical fires, deteriorate into more serious and costly problems or, at the very least, cause electricity wastage and an increased bill. Most people know exactly how reliant they are on electricity in their daily lives.

We struggle to cook, clean or entertain ourselves when the power is out. So with the threat of loadshedding or power outages always on the horizon, why risk further inconvenience by leaving an electrical fault unchecked or attempting a repair or installation yourself? Once you’ve identified which electrical services you require, the next step is usually making contact with a service provider.

However, it can at times be difficult to discern whether you need an electrician, general contractor or just a handyman.

Electricians offer a wide range of services and can assist if you need any of the following completed in your home or office.

When any new building is constructed, or a new addition is made to an existing structure, the installation of wiring, lighting and plug points is carried out by electricians. Many assume that these installations are completed by the builders themselves, but sub-contractors or trained South African electricians employed by the company constructing the new building are used.

If any of this infrastructure needs to be replaced or repaired at a later stage, an electrician should again be called in the examine the problem. A trained professional will be able to safely distinguish the exact cause of any fault and conduct the required repairs. Many electricians also specialise in fault finding, which involves examining the circuitry of a building to determine the exact cause of any problem.

This can often be the most time-consuming or difficult element of an electrical repair, but is nevertheless vitally important. Locating all the electrical faults in a building can help to prevent any future problems, electricity wastage or safety hazards.Electricians can also be called on to conduct inspections for and the issuing of electrical compliance certificates, which prove that the electrical infrastructure in a building is safe. These certificates are required when the ownership of a property is transferred from one person to another.

If your require an electrician for these services or any others, don’t waste time and money trawling the internet or scouring the yellow pages.

Simply complete the quick, easy, no-obligation online form on ThinkQuote by listing some details about the work you require, and one of our verified service providers will contact you to provide a quote.

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