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Picture this – you’ve worked a long, hard week at the office. While rewarding, you definitely need a well deserved break from it all. Whether it’s taking some time out with your favourite soda or cracking open a cold one, it’s about time for some me-time.

And now take it one little step further. Imagine that you’re sitting on your favourite chair, out on your deck or patio, overlooking your home. With fresh air around you and some quiet, it’s exactly what you need to reward yourself.

Now that we’ve covered the daydreaming, it’s time to make it a reality! Installing or refurbishing a deck or patio is a great way to add value to your home while increasing your comfort of living. Whether it’s a humble deck or an expansive patio with all the bells and whistles, they are a great addition to any home.

Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that go into building a patio or deck. Remember – reputable patio & decking installation services are vital to ensuring quality and affordability.

Decking Composite

Decking composite, the material used for the “floor” of your deck, comes in dozens of shapes, sizes, and material. From eco-friendly bamboo to PVC (vinyl) to dozens of different varieties of wood – decking composite is a smorgasbord of options. There are many, many factors which should factor into your decision making, most of which can be covered by your selected contractor. Each form of decking composite has its pros and cons, ranging from: cost, earth-friendly factor, stain and scratch resistance, maintenance, ease of installation, and more. Be sure to browse the range of options to choose one that perfectly suits your needs.

Decking Designs

Much like decking composite, the decking designs available are only limited by your imagination. Whether circular, rectangular, square or anything in-between, your options are based on your needs, costs, material and the skill of your chosen contractor.

Decking New Construction

Building a deck from scratch requires careful planning. Not only do you need to hire a trained and trusted contractor for the best decking solutions, but you’ll also need to obtain the correct and appropriate legal paperwork from your local municipality. Your contractor should be able to assist, providing you with the required information and helping you through what could seem to be a complicated, possibly frustrating process.
As it is the construction of an entirely new deck, your contractor and yourself should work closely together; designing and envisioning your perfect deck. Chat through any of your wishes, see what has already been created, and discuss costs, scope and timing. Remember, these factors are all based on the job.

Decking Repairs & Maintenance

Any deck, no matter the design or material, requires appropriate upkeep and repair. Depending on the environment and the what one uses the deck for, the regularity of the repairs and maintenance can range for annual to every few years.

Decking Sealing

Sealing a deck after building is complete is an essential step towards creating a long-lasting, beautiful addition to your home. By sealing your deck, you are deeply penetrating the wood with highly nourishing and much-needed sealant, creating a hard, robust and waterproof surface, and providing a strong UV-protected surface.

Sealing your deck also means that you won’t need to repair it as often, as it helps prevent cracking and flaking. Lastly, deck sealant allows for easy cleaning – simply wash and whip needed.

Decking Timber

The material used to build a deck can vary, but generally a hard wood is the best go-to option. Depending on your budget, needs, your local laws, and lastly your environment and its weather, you might need to consider a specific type of timber. Choosing the right timber for your needs means that you will be able to maintain strength and longevity of your deck.

By hiring the right contractor for the job, you’ll be able to rest assured that only the best material is used. For example, types of timber range from South African wood featuring an attractive deep brown colour similar to walnut, the red brown Massaranduba which is highly durable and hardwearing against all elements, the incredibly durable Saligna, the yellow to light brown Garapa of South America, Zimbabwean or Zambian Teak hardwood, Merbau with its consistently brown colour and long lengths, and the pinkish brown Rosewood which can also be found in Southern Africa. These are just some of the many options available, and depending on your contractor, your costs and the scope, you should even be able to import further types of decking timber.

Patio Cover Installation

Most, if not all, patios require some form of covering to protect against the elements – especially rain and UV light. The cost of installing a patio cover can range widely depending on the type of patio, and factors such as its location, uses, design, age and more. This, as well as your desired material, requires a trained contractor who has the relevant know-how to advise correctly and see the job through without hassle.

Patio Repairs

As mentioned before, every type of building addition requires some form of repair and maintenance. As patios are often exposed to the elements, they require inspection at least once a year to ensure no long-term damage takes effect. Consider the type of patio, and remember that holding off on repairs could very well result in further damage. We suggest looking into repairs as soon as possible, especially if your patio is in regular use.

Patio Screens, Doors & Windows

Add that extra flair to your patio with your favourite style of door and windows. As with most building features and additions, you are only limited by your imagination, time and budget. With the right contractor, you’ll be able to envision, create and install custom designs based on your own desires and needs.

Covering all the Bases

Now that you have a clear understanding of decks and patio construction and repairs, it’s time to look into seeing your vision come alive. Get planning, get hiring, get building!

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