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Appliance Repair: Don’t Break the Bank to Replace Them

Regardless of whether you only purchase the highest quality appliances or favour options kinder on your budget, all electronics break down eventually and it always seems too soon.
Appliances and the parts used to build them, irrespective of their make or model, have a lifespan which shortens every single time they are used.


When that lifespan eventually does come to an end; most people cannot afford to purchase a replacement immediately and are forced to live without the convenience provided by their dishwasher or tumble dryer, or live with the boredom of not having a functioning television.

However, there is a third option which strikes happy medium between breaking the bank to buy a new appliance or simply roughing it in your own home by going without your handy food processor.

Many firms and service providers specialise in determining the exact problem causing an appliance to malfunction or stop working entirely, and can simply repair the damage or replace a broken part if needed.

Much like mechanics or information technology workers, appliance repair service providers are highly skilled, experienced and qualified professionals who take pride in and enjoy their work.

Many of these professionals offer call out services in order diagnose the problems with your appliance, and even repair, it at your premises.
This is one of the biggest advantages that repairing an appliance holds over replacing one. If you do choose to buy a new fridge, for example, you will have to dispose of the old one responsibly and possibly even transport the new one from the store to your home.

Repairing your broken appliance could also be considered the greener option of the two, as a new part is manufactured using significantly less energy and materials than an entire new machine. By choosing to repair instead of replace, you may be helping to limit the amount of carbon pumped into the earth’s atmosphere.

While some appliance repair technicians may specialise in or only repair certain items, most will be able to tackle your stove, dishwasher or washing machine repair with ease.

If your fridge requires a new thermostat, condenser, compressor or evaporator, is leaking gas or simply needs a new internal light, a technician could have it up and running again in a matter of minutes.

Whether your washing machine is a top or front loader; broken or worn pipes, belts, drums or electronic parts can be replaced or repaired easily.
And while most of us won’t know our magnetrons, wave guards or transformers from one another, diagnosing the problem with your malfunctioning microwave is all in a day’s work for the average repairman.

Many appliance repair companies or service providers also guarantee their work, and will repair your appliance at no cost should the same problem occur within a certain time period. So be kind on your bank balance and our planet by choosing to repair instead of replacing If you have broken or malfunctioning appliance, and would like professional to quote you on the cost of repair and provide more information, then ThinkQuote can assist you.

Simply fill in our quick and easy online form, listing some basic details about your appliance, and as many as three service providers will contact you with a no-obligation quote.

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