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With appliances and electronics becoming more affordable by the day, there’s really no valid reason to skimp on professional appliance installation services. And for most electrical work – from air con installation to washing machines – it’s essential to consult a licensed, experienced appliance installer less you lose money, see your newly bought appliances permanently damaged, or even worse, your already existing home or office taking a hard knock. To reinforce this vital lesson – unlicensed electrical work isn’t only illegal, but is almost always incredibly unsafe. Besides relying on a trusted contractor, another factor to include is a basic knowledge of what is being installed, what it requires, and what it entails during and after a successful installation.

Types of installations

The first step to choosing the right contractor is having a clear understanding of your application. An everyday household often contains many varied and multipurpose appliances. From everyday televisions to ovens and dishwashers, appliances have become part and parcel of everyday life.


1. Aircon Installation

There are three common types of air conditioning systems – split systems, fixed units and ducted air conditioning systems. A split system air conditioner consists of two sections, one inside the home and one out, with the sections being connected by refrigerant piping. A fixed air conditioning unit is a small box unit that is traditionally mounted within external windows or walls, and duct systems rely heavily on adequate ceiling space. There are a few questions to ask; where will the system be placed, and what will be the primary use, is the correct wiring already in place, and will any changes to the home need to be accommodated. Once you are satisfied, it’s time to call the best contractor for the job.

2. Washing Machine Installation

Household washing machines have become a staple in most modern homes as they allow for the convenient and easy cleaning of clothes without the extra frees of a laundromat. While there are many models and types, such as top-loading, front-loading or hybrid designs, the primary goal remains the same. As common as they are, it is essential to make use of a qualified appliance installer to ensure that no electrical damage takes place.

3. Dishwasher Installation

Automated dishwashers are a great kitchen feature for any home no matter the number of occupants, and allow for effect electricity cost control. When fully packed with crockery and utensils, dishwashers use less energy, water, and detergent.

4. Extractor Fan Installation

Extractor fans, which as the name suggests removes air from a certain area, helping to disperse steam rising from saucepans or kettles, reduce moisture levels in the kitchen, eliminate cooking smells and get rid of pollutants such as mould, mildew, carbon dioxide, pet hair, dust mites, bacteria, and paint fumes. Extractor fans are fast becoming an essential kitchen appliance. Whatever you choose, remember that you will occasionally have to clean and replace the filter element. Chat to your trusted contractor for advice with regards to looking after your extractor fan.

5. Hob Installation

Installing a hob, whether electric or gas, in your kitchen is a crucial step in tying a kitchen – and home – together. Whether it’s for delicious pasta, a breakfast fry-up, or that perfectly seared steak, a quality hob is essential. Make sure to hire a quality contractor who specialises in kitchen installations.

6. Oven Installation

No kitchen is truly complete without a correctly installed oven – this is yet another factor as to why it’s essential to find and make use of a trained and certified contractor. Ideally, you will make it a priority to choose a contractor who is exceptionally skilled in the installation of kitchen appliances. It may seem obvious but you need to ensure that the oven is the right size. It needs to be big enough to take the types of food that you want to cook, and it also needs to fit into the space that you have allotted for it, whether it is freestanding or built in to your cabinetry.

7. Stove Installation

A quality stove is a make or break feature of a kitchen. Whether it’s gas, electric, or induction, a stove is a key appliance for cooking a variety of foods in many different ways. Because of this, correct stove installation by a verified, referred contractor is vital. Be sure to research the specific make and model of your stove, as well as any and legal requirements; gas stoves in particular have many systems in place to guarantee safety. These include but are not limited to the number of metres that the gas bottle itself can be placed away from doors, windows, drains, air vents, switchable electric points, light blubs and more. While this might seem complicated, the correct installation of a stove ensures the long-term viability of the application.

8. TV Installation

Which modern household can go without a television? From state-of-the-art dream machines to functional and economical tellies, there’s no way any homeowner could go without a television in this day and age. Often bolstered with modern, cutting edge sound systems, or even lighting and cinema quality accessories, the humble television is the entertainment epicentre of the home. And while price range and quality can vary from incredibly accessible to extraordinarily exclusive TV’s, correct installation lies at the heart of a truly immersing experience. Given the above, it’s vital to ensure that only the best appliance installation services are used. He or she should have experience in electrical work, but particularly in the installation of television sets.

After all, what good is a high-end device is it is incorrectly installed, provides poor quality, or even worse, endures unnecessary and unwanted wear and tear? A Holistic Home Now that you have a good understanding of the many varied household appliances and requirements, you should realise the value and importance of hiring a specialist. Don’t forget to check referrals, as this is a key way in which to vet the quality of the work and overall experience.

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