There are many different reasons why we look for funding and why we’d want people to invest in us.

If you’d like to say you “knew us when”

If you see our potential, and would like to talk about investing in us, you just may be one of the first to say “you knew us when”.


Many investors would like a seat in the boiling room. They live for the action, the sweat , and the tears. If you have followed our progress and would like to be a supporter, mentor, or ally –  let’s meet.

The future

ThinkQuote was founded with the sole aim to digitalise  word-of-mouth. From the beginning; to carving out ThinkQuote’s proposition; to now –  we’re always onto new ideas. Since the beta release in 2013, we’ve come across a few hurdles and obstacles along the way, but our journey to 2015 has been great. Here’s to growth, success, and here’s to 2015!

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