Customer FAQ’s

Are there any terms and conditions to posting a job?

No, there are not except that we ask that you only post a quote request when seeking to obtain work to be done. Posting a job is free.

Can I edit my details?

Yes. Log into the app and manage your information, much like a social media account. The login button is on the top right corner of our home page.

I received a “Rate your Service Pro” email from ThinkQuote. What must I do?

You will have the option of clicking through to the ThinkQuote app to score the service pro. Your sincerity is appreciated and will encourage other customers to use the same service pro, or not. If we track more than 3 “no’s”, we will take it further and if deemed fair, remove the service pro from our talent pool.

What about my personal information and where will it be displayed?

Your information is secure, and is not publicly displayed or accessible. It is only visible to the service providers who accepted to quote on your job.

I know of a good service pro and I would like to get them registered. How do I do this?

Thank you, we appreciate your recommendation to grow and improve our talent pool. Their first quote opportunity is free, so click here to submit their details to us.

How do I get in touch with a service pro?

Their contact information is visible in the app. You’ll need to log in to view this information.

Am I obliged to accept any quotes I receive from service pro's?

No, you are never obligated to employ the services of the service pro’s who respond.

I have suggestions. How do I let you know?

We appreciate feedback from you very much. Please drop us a line at

How do I choose a service pro?

Rather than a review system (which can be manipulated), we have chosen a word-of-mouth referral system. When service pro’s have accepted the quote opportunity the amount of times they have been referred will be displayed.

How are service pro's verified?

Trying to find the best person for the job isn’t easy. We minimize your risk by pooling the best service pro’s in South Africa. We verify them so you are assured that you’ll have the choice of competitive pricing, approved workmanship, and reliable referrals. Service pro’s are rated based on recommendations from customers. Your feedback separates the wheat from the chaff, helping the best service pro’s to get work.

Our careful verification process includes the following:

1. Company registration check to validate the business and business owner

2. ID document to accompany this

3. Referrals from most recent works/jobs

I don’t seem to find the industry or category for which I want to get a quote for?

If you don’t see your category, ThinkQuote features an On-Call Quote Assistance, so that all you need to do is call us or send us an email, and we will personally find you an alternative.

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