ThinkQuote – Finding the best solution in no time

ThinkQuote – Finding the best solution in no time


At ThinkQuote, we’ve made sure to make it easier than ever to find the perfect service provider for any job using our unique matchmaking system.

Because, given the choice, most of us would rather save time and frustration needed to find a reputable contractor, not to mention following through with a suitable quote.

Consider the last time you experienced a pesky problem at home or in the workplace. Whether it was a leaking drainage system, an unkempt garden, or even that rather risky half-broken glass door you just haven’t had the energy to fix; we’ve secured the right man for the job.

ThinkQuote eliminates the need for hunting – trawling the Internet or scouring the phonebook – by making quotes come to you.

Through careful design and a highly strict vetting process, we’ve ensured that our fast-growing pool of professional, skilled and friendly service providers take the hassle out of finding the very best quote suited to your needs.

Finding The Perfect Service Provider

1. Get going and post the service you need.

Complete our short online form with a few small details on what you need done. We’ll then match you with a nearby verified service provider. As a reassuring heads up, we’ll always keep your email and number private. And we won’t ask you to sign in or verify an account. We believe trust to be a core aspect of the service, and will never give you a reason to fret.

2. Compare quotes.
Within hours, interested and available service providers will pay a small fee to claim your request. You’ll be connected to three service providers who will be able to provide a quote in no time.

3. Pick your favourite!
When you’re ready, choose the service provider you believe will best suit your needs. Once the job is complete, feel free to refer his or her services to our wide range of customers

4. Be the boss.
We’ve added a variety of nifty functions so that next time you post a job, you’ll be able to optimise your experience; favouriting your preferred service providers and blocking those you believe performed poorly – as if this ever happens!

Our Service Providers

ThinkQuote has brought together the best contractors in your region because only the best pass our three-step verification process:

1. We validate the company’s registration and ownership,
2. Insist that tradesmen provide their identity documents,
3. And seek referrals from recent customers.

We have plumbers, painters, photographers, flooring solutions and everything in between. Our referral system then ensures that all standards remain high: If three or more customers choose not to refer a contractor, ThinkQuote will thoroughly investigate why and remove the contractors from our talent pool if necessary. Submitting a quote request is 100 percent free and can be completed in a few keystrokes.

Getting The Job Done With Ease

So whether you need a plumber, painter, gardener or electrician, just one quick and easy submission will result in no-obligation quotes from up to three different tradesmen.

Try ThinkQuote once, and you’ll never need to pick up a phonebook again.

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