Seven Must See Kitchen Design Trends

Seven Must See Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is still the warm heart of the home for many South Africans. It’s the place where we gather to bond with our families and celebrate our achievements.
It’s also a source of pride for many, with home owners regularly spending thousands on new plumbing fixtures, cabinetry and tiling. If you’re considering a kitchen revamp, whether a complete remodel or just a few minor alterations, it’s important to know what your needs are and how you can achieve them while still staying on trend. Browse through our list of the seven hottest kitchen design trends for 2015, and you’ll be well on your way to functional, stylish kitchen in no time.

1. The kitchen as a gathering point

Modern life means kitchens need to be incredibly versatile. Counters are no longer just used for food preparation, but also for eating and often as makeshift desks. As a result many designs now feature multi-level surfaces; perfect for preparing and eating dinner.


9 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends for 2015
NEXT LEVEL: A kitchen desgined by Scott Salisbury Homes, featuring a island with one level for seating and anotherfor preparation. (source: Ceasarstone)

2. Furniture-style cabinetry

As another trend which has its roots in the modern need for multi-functional kitchens, this movement sees storage space and work surfaces transformed into stylish pieces of furniture in their own right.
SOLID FOOTING: This kitchen island has feet instead of being flush with the floor. (source: Forbes)

3. Smart storage space

Function should never be sacrificed for form. That’s why this trend sees most storage spaces divided up with inserts or clever cabinetry to ensure items are always neatly arranged and easily accessible.



9 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

9 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Drawers with inserts keep cutlery and crockery neat and easily accessible. (source: House and Garden)

4. Brass is back

Warm metals like brass and copper are the materials of choice for plumbing fixtures in 2015, with matching cabinet nobs and drawer handles added to tie the room together. Ensure your plumber uses dark, faded brass or copper instead of the bright, polished variety.
THE BRONZE AGE: A brass mixer at the kitchen sink, with matching cabinet handles and accessories. (source: Kitchen and Bath Trends)

5. Patterns aplenty

Whether they’re created using tiles or with wallpaper, patterns are a kitchen must-have this year. Remember not to go overboard and limit your use of patterns to a feature wall or backsplash.



9 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

9 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

GEOMETRIC: This kitchen by Beyond Homes and Building Bloc Design features a patterned backsplash. (source: Ceasarstone)

6. LED lighting

LED lights are efficient, effective and, most importantly, eco-friendly. They’re also incredibly versatile and fashionable. LED light strips can be used on the ceiling or to illuminate other areas at foot level or underneath cabinets.


9 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

9 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

LIGHT THE WAY: This kitchen by Independent Builders features LED lighting at the base of the island and above the cabinets on the far side of the room. (source: Ceasarstone)

7. Terrific textures

The feel of your kitchen has become almost as important as the look this year. Sleek, smooth woods and metals have been replaced by materials which appear more raw and textured.


RAW WOOD: The cabinet in this kitchen show of the natural grain of the wood. (source: Forbes)

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