Finding the perfect solution just became easier – our Facebook App launch

Finding the perfect solution just became easier – our Facebook App launch

fb-blog-tqWe’re proud to announce yet another exciting development over at ThinkQuote – the launch of our very own custom Facebook app for both customers and service providers!

Now, without having to leave the comfort of the all-too-familiar social media platform, you’ll be able to easily find the perfect quote and clientele.

Simply Like our Facebook page right over here, and head over to our nifty App section.

Never use a phone book again.

Here you’ll be able to use the perfect matchmaking system to find the very best service provider or quality contractor to complete any job. Whether it’s landscaping, plumbing, security installations or more, getting the right man – and quote – for the job is only a few mouse clicks away.

Our brand-new tool only requires you to complete an incredibly short – and simple – online form which is conveniently hosted on our Facebook app, supplying details on what you need supplied, repaired, or improved.

You’ll be connected to three service providers who will be able to provide a quote in no time. And when you’re ready, choose the service provider you believe will best suit your needs. It’s as easy as that!

Find the right leads with ease.

As a qualified service provider, you’ll soon find profitable – and relevant – leads knocking on your proverbial door. Much like our growing customer base, we’ve made it just as simple to register with ThinkQuote.

Pop over to our bright and shiny Facebook app, fill out a few details about your service and company, add a handful of references along with a few other details, and you’ll be vetted – and hopefully – added to our list of service providers in no time at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re an electrician, photographer, plumber, kitchen specialist or even offer storage or flooring solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Once customers post a job which suitably matches your offering, you’ll be sent an alert asking whether the job and timing suits you. If so, supplying a quote is as straightforward as paying a small fee and sending it through.

And to think, all it takes is the click of a mouse.

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