Ambience is Key: The Right Lighting For Your Home

Lighting has the power to change how you feel about your home. It can frame your favourite room in a way that inspires warmth and the feeling of decadent luxury, or it can make you feel like you’re stuck in a chemistry lab. Yet somehow when it comes to home décor it’s usually one of the last facets that people discuss. A best guess at wattage is decided and uniformly used in every room across the house which sure, might work for some of the rooms but let’s face it, some rooms(if not all) deserve that extra special touch.
Let’s take a look at the different rooms in the home and what we think holds to the key to making your home that much more magical.

The living room

Here combinations work wonders. Use a selection of different lights, starting in the corners of the room with down lights. Downward facing lamps next to the seats will add a touch of class and don’t forget to have some lights facing upward to throw uniformity off a little. Here a lower wattage will work as there are a couple of lights at play, together making the room both warm and bright enough.

The bedroom

In the bedroom it’s important to decide what you’re looking to do first. Usually the bed and sitting areas require softer, indirect lighting while desks and reading areas require direct lighting. Dimmers in these rooms can go a long way and offer a variety of moods which could be just the thing you are after.

The kitchen

The kitchen can benefit from four distinct layers that come together to form the perfect ambience. Task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting. Task refers to lighting that directly lights your work surface, usually downward facing with a higher wattage to ensure you can see clearly when cooking. Ambient lighting can be the ceiling lights, general and not focused on one thing in particular while accent lighting comes in at different angles to throw off the shadows in the room(shadows are not always a bad thing by the way). Lastly decorative adds a touch of flare with anything from bedside lamps on the kitchen counter to stand lamps in the corner of the room.

The bathroom

Halogen bulbs are the way to go in your bathroom. While white light most accurately shows skin tone, it also saves on electricity and these bulbs tend to last about three times longer than ordinary bulbs. Again the Task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting concept works well here, and your imagination is the limit really. Just remember that particularly in the bathroom safety should be paramount. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination so make sure you have the correct fittings installed by a professional electrician to be absolutely sure your bathroom is safe.

Well there you have it. We hope these tips will help you put together the perfect lighting for your house and help turn it into the home you have always wanted.

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