The heart of us

ThinkQuote is a product of The Outsiders Software Company, a Cape Town based web application development company. ThinkQuote has one founder, a couple of investors, and a heavy hitting team of developers, marketers, designers and customer experience people. They all have one thing in common – they’re unconventional thinkers. If you can taste the difference between ‘instant’ and  ‘just freshly ground’, there’s a good chance you’ll fit in here.

Outsider Software specialises in custom web app solutions. GoClaim, is one our Outsider software applications.

The works

ThinkQuote is a national service that connects consumers and services pro’s through its highly accurate profiling and matching technology. For consumers, it takes the hassle out of searching for reliable service pro’s and matches the three most appropriate providers according to the their specific requirements and location. Service pro’s are screened and verified, and benefit from a supply of targeted new business opportunities on a unique pay-per-quote system. ThinkQuote operates in South Africa, with most service pros available in the main CBD areas.

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